Basic Jujitsu Techniques

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Basically, Jujitsu means the art of softness. The name was taken from a martial art sport which was born in Japan. There are plenty of martial art styles that are involved in Jujitsu. Armed and unarmed techniques are included in these styles. According to the ancient book of martial art, Jujitsu was created by a group of Japanese samurai who where finding ways to defeat the armed opponents without using any weapons. These samurais have developed a countless method of effective jujitsu tactics and techniques. These techniques comprises with joint locks, striking throws and pins. Nowadays, modern Jujitsu is already part of the modern martial arts. Judo is a form of martial art which is already part of the Olympics. This art is modern method of jujitsu. Judo techniques were derived from ancient jujitsu movements. These techniques are effective to use against any attacker. Basically, these techniques are based on real life situation battle. So, these techniques are very effective to use in the streets. Here the basic jujitsu techniques.

Joint Locks
This technique can be applied on area that bends such as elbows, knees, fingers and shoulders. Joint locks are applied to support the submission and throwing techniques against any attacker. Basically, Joint locks are practice by the law enforcers around the world to control the offenders of the law. In addition, joint locks are also applied in mixed martial arts to quickly finish a battle.

One of the most fatal forms of martial art uses the grapple techniques. Judo spreads the techniques of grappling and influenced most of the martial artists. Basically grapple techniques are used to block and avoid some dangerous physical gestures such as gouging and biting.

This is one of the most dangerous jujitsu techniques. Correct execution of chokehold may actually make your opponent unconscious for some time. In addition, applying this technique for a long period of time may kill your opponent. Choking technique can injure the windpipe in the neck during a physical combat. Judo competitions allowed the usage of this technique. Jujitsu involves a number of chokehold techniques which makes it's art famous around the world.

Throw down
A throw down is a very effective technique during a fight. If you manage to master this technique, you can still knock out your opponent even if you are disarmed.

Takedown differs from throw down, Takedown is used to drag your opponent to the floor using the weight of your body. This technique usually happens when you already have controlled your opponent's arms and legs.

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Basic Jujitsu Techniques

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