Welding Through Pre-heating And Cooling Technique

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Welding is not difficult all the times. Some effective strategies need to be used. Cast iron is a bit difficult to weld. But with right technique and strategy you can weld it. Most cast iron has about 1450 degree temperature. At this temperature cracking can occur. Casting will be heated to above this level with the help of arc. It is better to make it sure that the casting is not held at this temperature or at this point for long period. Are you keen to know more about the welding techniques? Then read on as we tell you more.

In this article we describe in detail about welding through pre heating and cooling technique. In some cases, after the competition of the welding process, some portion may need to be machined. A nickel-typed electrode is needed for this purpose. Lincoln Softweld (99Ni stick) electrode can be used for high dilution welds, single pass. You can use Softweld 55 Ni for various purposes. In some cases root passes along with Softweld 99 Ni and fill passes along with Softweld 55 Ni are put. You can use Lincoln Ferroweld (stick) electrode when there is no necessity of machining after welding process. In such cases, weld is predicted to rust just like the cast iron.

One of the common method is to pre-heat the cast iron while welding. In most cases, this technique is applied and it turns out to be an effective one. There is another common technique. Cast iron can be welded by keeping it cool and not cold. You need to know about both these technique. The only thing that you need to do is to select the option that you find suitable. It is wise on your part to take any decision after enough consideration.

The cooling rate or time of the welding will slowdown, if cast iron is pre-heated. Entire cast heating is a great idea. Many people prefer this option over others. Pre-heat temperature can vary from 500-1200 degrees (F).

Another technique is casting without pre-heat. There are various factors (including the casting size and other factors) on which the repair work depends. In such circumstances repair is done without the pre-heating technique. In such case, the portion needs to be left cool. You can increase the casting temperature to one hundred degree F. it is up to you that what technique you will chose. It is wise on your part to select a method after good consideration. Make it sure that the welding option is right for you or now. You can do some research from the internet on this issue.
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Welding Through Pre-heating And Cooling Technique

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This article was published on 2010/12/31